Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Hey guys!

I feeling like flexing my creative muscle once more today, so I'm going to write this blog discussing my recent life decision to play full time poker. The mixed reaction I've received was obviously expected and well received. From the, "Way to throw your life out the window..." to the, "Man, I can't wait to watch you on TV someday!" it's all been extremely eye opening. Everyone I'm in contact with is looking out for my best interests, and I'm extremely determined to make something epic out of this decision. Be it to prove all my naysayers wrong, to make my corner proud, or just to achieve a level of satisfaction with my game/life. This will work, and I will pound and pound at this until I achieve it.

I've had plenty of discussions with fellow pros that I know both personally and from 2+2 forums. Their main advice throughout all of this was eye opening. Upon review and advice from close mates, I'm going to take a temporary step back to 25NL until I reach 100-120 BI. While my $/hour drops a touch, my winrate improves with the softer tables, and I can feel more comfortable multi-tabling. The key here is to set precise, demanding checkpoints that DON'T DEPEND ON RUNNING GOOD. Goals that I can aim towards this month, that regardless of how things go, I can look back and say I've achieved. I believe this will be healthy for creating stability long term. I also want to share my ideas behind my maths. So here we go...

August Plan of Attack

25NL, 8 table 4 Zoom, 4 Ring
Win rate: 16.38 bb / 100 hands (Based on 26000 hands, probably not enough. Maybe revise.)
Expected win rate: 10 bb / 100 hands (Not that I believe it's this low, but preparing for the (not) worst)
Hands per hour: ~ 1400 hph.

Expected $/hour = (10 * 0.25) * (1400/100) = $35 / hour. (This makes me happy to have left my $14/hour job)

Monthly nut:
Rent - $550
Food - $15/day = $465
Phone - $60
Other - $425 (I can't think of anything else right off the top of my head...)
Total Monthly Nut: $1500 (Told you I was low maintenance. This will go up over time.)

Man hours needed to break even: $1500 / $35 = 42.85 Hours
This is either going to be too easy, or I'm going to run like Stephen Hawking... I plan on putting in 100+

August 2012 Goal Checklist

[ ] - 175,000 hands
[ ] - 7,500 VPP (PlatinumStar)
[ ] - 20 Hours of HHR
[ ] - Taking sufficient shots at 50NL
[ ] - Keep my monthly nut around $1500

Anyway guys, I had a 'trial' day today. I hope to do a lot more tomorrow. As expected, I've been dealing with sorting life out, packing, answering to a lot of questions, synthesizing information and advice... so needless to say, I'm not overly impressed with how today went. I think tomorrow will prove to be a lot better. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate you all. To quote Philly D, "I love yo faces!"


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