Wednesday, 25 April 2012

From Micro to Micro

Late night blogfest, this either ends with a masterpiece, or a master-piece of crap.

I took a completely different route from the norm today, and I went with a backer to play some daily tourney's. I decided I wanted to offer someone the chance (ahem, do me the favour...) of buying 50% of my profits in the Big $5.50 and Big $8.80. Thankfully, I found someone with a similar passion to succeed, and a great skill set who was willing to take a risk on a complete stranger. To make a long, crying story short, I didn't get to play the $5.50, tanked the $8.80, got bad beat out of the $22 and Big $11 (AJ < A2 twice, wouldn't you know?), and played the deep stack $11 like an absolute donk. The concept of playing poker with the pressure of performing well from an egotistical standpoint, along with the pressure of meeting financial goals has actually been a refreshing experience. I found myself more careful and decisive (and yes, sometimes admittedly weak) in my decision making. Either way, I tanked first 5 tournaments only to finish semi-deep in the last one. $26 for a $4 buy-in. Yay. (Still failed today, but it was a great experience. I can't thank my backer enough.)

Anywho, I'm going to write more in the morning. I've suddenly been hit by a brick wall of tired... Zzzzzz.

The difference between sleeping from 12-7 and sleeping from 5-1 is incredible. It's like our bodies are one with the Earth's rotation. My body somehow knew I slept during the right time, and I feel like I achieved maximum... sleeping... potential? (I'm... Ron... Burgundy?) Honestly, this is one routine I can get used to forcing myself into. I find it funny how sleep starts as something you fight off as a child, to something you can't get enough of as you get older. There aren't a lot of things like that in life. Sleep and money are two of those things.

Older. Brings me back to a good conversation I had with my backer yesterday. The last few months, for the sake of being blunt, I've felt extremely old. Sure, anyone over the age of 25 will scoff, call me naive, and say 20 is such a young age, I've got my whole life ahead of me, etc. Life and age is all about perspective. It's about who you surround yourself with. I've always been used to surrounding myself in an older group. I was the grade ten student, walking around flirting with the grade 12 crowd. As a matter of fact, I even had trouble adapting to meeting people in my University program because of my put-offish attitude towards 'younger' people. I totally come across as condescending sometimes, regarding myself as 'higher' than someone of a less mature stature, and it's a personality flaw I'm making as my quarter-year's resolution to fix. People grow, but it's all a process. Processes take time, and being so adhd-riddled, this is a huge barrier for me. I have difficulties coming to terms with NOT telling a friend in high school why his/her 'drama' is laughable compared to problems in real life. Nobody wants to hear that their problems are trivial, yet in my head I feel it solves all problems to say, "Get over it" because that's my most used problem-solving method. In summary, I'm a condescending prick, and it's hopefully fixable. Rant, rant, rant... back to poker...

I'm going to go into more detail in a later post, but I've decided I'm only going to play 5NL in between tournaments, as tournaments are what I know best. It's like learning to ride a motorcycle, only to ride a bicycle to work every day. This same ideology applies in poker. Tournament junkies probably have to face the most vitriol because of the rarity of their winning sessions. My backer exuded such a cavalier attitude to finishing 30th in the $5r last night, I was astonished. The composure and confidence he brings into every game is something I look forward to promoting in my game. This brings me to my next point. It really doesn't matter what you do in life, as long as you yourself can rationalize doing it. If the best possible discourse to fix something in your life involves something that defies the social norm, in the long run, who cares? Once you lose all barriers of defying a cookie-cutter life, your life will start flourishing because of it.

That's it, I'm done. I'm having an issue with my Pokertracker (it thinks I won every tournament yesterday, which I guess isn't such a bad thing...) so this post will be void of graphs, unfortunately. This will be fixed by my next post. :) Cheers, and thanks again for all your feedback. Greatly appreciated.


Hand of the Day

PokerStars - $4+$0.40|100/200 NL - Holdem - 9 players

UTG+1: 10,816.00
UTG+2: 13,296.00
Hero (MP): 4,757.00
MP+1: 6,143.00
CO: 3,546.00
BTN: 10,770.00
SB: 12,024.00
BB: 23,847.00
UTG: 11,456.00

UTG+1 posts ante 25.00, UTG+2 posts ante 25.00, Hero posts ante 25.00, MP+1 posts ante 25.00, CO posts ante 25.00, BTN posts ante 25.00, SB posts ante 25.00, BB posts ante 25.00, UTG posts ante 25.00, SB posts SB 100.00, BB posts BB 200.00

Pre Flop: (pot: 525.00) Hero has 3d 3c

UTG raises to 400.00, fold, fold, Hero calls 400.00, MP+1 calls 400.00, fold, fold, SB calls 300.00, BB calls 200.00

Flop: (2225.00, 5 players) 2d Kd 2c
SB checks, BB checks, UTG checks, Hero checks, MP+1 checks

Turn: (2225.00, 5 players) 3s
SB bets 600.00, fold, fold, Hero calls 600.00, fold

River: (3425.00, 2 players) 9h
SB bets 1,800.00, Hero raises to 3,732.00 and is all-in, SB calls 1,932.00

Hero shows 3d 3c (Full House, Threes full of Twos) (Pre 53%, Flop 13%, Turn 95%)
SB shows 9s Kh (Two Pair, Kings and Nines) (Pre 47%, Flop 87%, Turn 5%)
Hero wins 10,889.00

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